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Do you want to have more success with more ease?

Once upon a time, you had a vision of how your life would turn out. Then you found out — maybe the hard way — that sometimes life doesn’t turn out quite like you expected. And when you throw ADHD into the mix, sometimes figuring out which way to go next can seem overwhelming. The goal of coaching is to offer you tools, strategies and inspiration to tap into your strengths and find out just how resilient you really are.

Real-life questions, real-life responses

I encourage you to explore and honor those feelings fully, even as you simultaneously move toward a new way of being in the world. To help your life evolve, we’ll use lots of tools, ask and answer lots of questions, and tap into lots of intuition that will deepen your insight and help you get into action.


When you’re my client, we work together to develop real-life responses to real life's big questions, such as …

  • What difference do I want to make for myself – my family – my community – my world?

  • How do I get out of my own way so I can achieve my goals?

  • Goals? What goals? I'm just trying to get through each day!

  • How do I take care of myself when I have to spend so much time taking care of others?


Together, we'll create a framework for clarifying and articulating your vision, and map a course to get there. Throughout the process, I’ll be right there, challenging you, championing you and keeping you focused on the path toward your goals.


When people with ADHD set goals and implement new ways of thinking, they can experience:

  • Greater awareness of ineffective behaviors … and the tools to overcome them

  • Less struggle, more success

  • Increased focus and productivity

  • Pride in setting and working toward their own goals

  • Growing confidence

  • Greater motivation

  • Improved work and study habits

  • Enhanced social and communication skills

  • More-developed sense of responsibility and resilience

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