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Wouldn't you like to feel like you've got it all handled?

Yes, I’m talking directly to you. You’re growing up. More and more, you’re doing things on your own. You thought it was going to be so sweet. And usually it is. But sometimes it’s overwhelming, too.


Coaching is a partnership in which we work together to help you figure out the goals that are most important for you – the ones that will help you succeed in school and in your whole life – and then create a flexible, personalized, action-oriented plan that will help you achieve those goals.

Consistency leads to confidence

And because I know about ADHD and the various ways it can affect high school, college and graduate students, I’ll be able to offer tools and techniques that – if you use them consistently — can help you become really confident in your day-to-day life.

I listen to what you have to say

This is a process where your opinions and ideas matter. I'm not someone who comes in with a system to impose on you. I listen to your strengths and your challenges, and brainstorm with you to develop individualized strategies that will work for you. But know that it may take some experimentation and tweaking to hit on just the right formula for you.


(For younger students, of course, we’ll take your parents’ ideas into consideration, and we'll talk about the best ways to keep them in the loop.)

We'll keep
in touch to keep you
on track

A key part of the plan is accountability. You and I will set up a system for checking in that will help make sure you are staying on track toward your goals. This might be through text, email or phone calls.

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