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Parenting Children With ADHD©

Calm & Connected

  • Is there too much conflict and chaos in your home?

  • Are you tired of the frustration over schoolwork and chores?

  • Do you need help setting boundaries and motivating your child?​



When you learn to parent the child you have, you will be able to help your child thrive.

"It is worth the time and

cost to take this course."

-A spring 2017 participant

Choose from morning or evening sessions beginning

Thursday, Jan 25, 2018

Morning series: 

10 am – 12 pm

Evening series:

7 – 9 pm EST


Sign up for SESSION 1 only now
Register for the rest later

Through the Calm & Connected sessions, you will gain insight and tools for:

Session 1

Understanding ADHD/ Executive Function

  • How ADHD and Executive Function Deficit impacts learning and behavior

  • What makes following directions and consistency so challenging

  • Why concepts like organization and time management seem to be learned, but not followed

  • How using rewards and punishments often create more problems than they solve

  • Why attention and discipline alone are not enough to improve performance and compliance

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Session 6

Enforcing Consequences

  • Why setting clear expectations is vital

  • What makes an effective consequence

  • How positive actions can be powerful consequences

  • How to look for conversations, not confrontations

Session 7

Making Better Choices​

  • How to pay attention to your child's strengths

  • Why it's scary -- but necessary -- to give your child the tools to make conscious choices and even the freedom to fail

  • How to help your child develop self-regulation, internal control and motivation

What parents are saying after

Michelle's course ...

"I had hoped to learn one thing each class. I learned much more than that, as well as how and what to apply to my child."

"Michelle was awesome ... very knowledgeable and confident in the material! I enjoyed the workshop very much."

"I have used many of the skills and there has been much improvement. I am parenting the child I have and teaching her the skills she needs and discussing expectations with her and compromising so that it works for both of us and we both hold each other responsible for our part."

"There are so many excellent tips and strategies for success."

"Michelle's sense of humor was a real plus."

"I found the class helpful and informative, and the atmosphere was very friendly, encouraging, and warm. I am glad I took the class and sorry I missed one session. Michelle is a good teacher and seems to know the material very well. Thanks, Michelle! I would recommend this course, or working with Michelle generally, to other parents."

"It is worth the time and cost to take this course."

Session 2

Remaining Calm & Connected​

  • How to create a foundation of calm

  • What's vital about making an emotional connection

  • Why it's important to replace criticism with praise and encouragement

Session 3

Improving Communication

  • How to break the cycle of defiance

  • How to listen for understanding

  • How powerful it can be to shift your language

  • What are the basics of helpful conversation

  • How to build executive function skills by living life out loud

Session 4

Encouraging Collaboration

  • What is most motivating for children

  • How to communicate expectations

  • How to solve problems ... together

Session 5

Achieving Clarity & Consistency

  • Why kids feel safer when they have predictable boundaries

  • How external supports help children develop internal regulation

You may choose from morning or evening sessions. Sign up for your preferred series, but when a conflict arises, you are welcome to attend a session at the alternate time.

Morning series

 10 am –12 pm

Evening series

7 –9 pm


Downtown Bethesda

Free parking, just blocks from Metro

Your investment in your family's well-being
7 Weeks

Early Bird: $420/Individual, $580/Couple

Last fall's Calm & Connected series SOLD OUT ... don't miss out this time.

Questions? Email me at

Your privacy and the privacy of your family will always be respected. Please read this Coaching Agreement prior to registering for the workshop.

Email or call/text 202.997.2377 for more information.

Refund policy: Up to 14 days before program: Full refund minus a $50 administrative fee. 7-13 days before program: Half of fee will be refunded. 

4-6 days before program: One quarter of fee will be refunded. 0-3 days before program: No refunds If class is canceled: Full fee will be refunded

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