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Who wants to experiment with me?

I am feeling recharged after this past weekend's inspiring and educational conference filled with the warmest, most inviting and most supportive group of coaches I've ever met. The ADHD Coaches Organization served up a conference filled with useful ideas and tips and tools along with the safe space to experiment with all of the above.

Experimentation is a frequent topic in sessions with my coaching clients. When I challenge them to stretch themselves, I often remind them to look at it as an experiment. "It's not a commitment for the rest of your life," I'll say with a smile. "Just for the next week."

If it works, fantastic! If it doesn't, we'll look at what got in the way and then tweak the plan as needed. When an experiment doesn't work, it's NOT a failure. It's just another opportunity for expanding the ways we approach things.

It's been a quite while since my days of blogging over at Grief, Interrupted, and I've noticed lately that I've been itching to write again. So it's time for me to experiment a little.

I have no grand plan for this blog. What I do know is that being a coach to those affected by ADHD and executive function challenges has been the most fulfilling work of my life, and I want a place to explore what that looks like, what works and what doesn't work. I want a place to share information and discuss a variety of topics. Like the ADHD conference, I hope it will be filled with useful ideas and tips and tools, along with a safe place to experiment ... for us all.

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