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Live Your Life Out Loud ... and help your child learn without yelling

If you're the parent of a child with ADHD, you know the toothbrushing battles can be epic.

"My son was up in the tree," said one mom during last fall's "Calm & Connected: Parenting Children With ADHD" training. He was supposed to be getting ready for school, but he'd gone outside instead. This was a typical and frustrating morning occurrence, but on that day, this mom decided to try something new she'd learned in class.

So she opened the bathroom window and loudly started narrating the steps to brushing her teeth. "First, I take the top off the toothpaste tube, then I squeeze it onto the brush ... " She watched, intrigued, as he began his descent from the tree. "Then I put water on the brush ... " The next thing she knew, he was beside her in the bathroom, picking up his own toothbrush and following her lead.

What did she do so brilliantly? She got her son's attention, piqued his interest and engaged him in the activity she wanted him to learn. There was no yelling, pleading, no battle of wills. This is what "living life out loud" looks like!

If you want to learn more techniques like this, join me for the next session of my ADHD parenting course, starting Oct. 19.

Would love to hear your ideas for LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD!

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