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A-D-H-D ... Letters of Love

Some days, amid all the email clutter, a great gift shows up in your in box. The other day, I got a really special one from one of my amazing parent-coaching clients ...

“I worked with Michelle to help my daughter who had ADHD, serious depression and anxiety, and was struggling to stay in high school. Over the course of a year, Michelle helped me in a myriad of ways to understand ADHD, gave me very hands-on ideas that I could easily implement, and talked through the many challenges my daughter and I, each in our different ways, were facing. Michelle is sensitive, thoughtful, imaginative, and is a great listener. She is exceedingly knowledgable about ADHD. I learned a huge amount from her, not only about different ways of approaching and working with my daughter, but about ADHD itself. I came away after our sessions always feeling supported, better educated, and uplifted by her deep engagement with the difficult work we did together. You will not find a more informed, generous and professional ADHD coach. It was an honor to work with her.”

For me, honestly, it was an honor to work with this parent. She came to me as the most well-read parent I'd ever met. Heck, I think she'd read more ADHD books than I had. Her child's situation was complex, as many are, and the girl wanted no parts of being coached herself. So this mom and I worked together, brainstorming strategies that would help her to help her daughter succeed while keeping their relationship strongly connected.

This girl certainly tried her mom's patience, but, with me by her side, this mom was able to remain more calm than before as they worked through multiple levels of difficulty. Yes, they BOTH survived high school. Sure, freshman year of college has its own unique set of challenges, but this mom knows I'm just a phone call away.

This mom loved working with me individually, but not everyone wants or needs that. If you prefer the energy of a group, I have a powerful gift you can give yourself.

"Calm & Connected: Parenting Children With ADHD" gets to the heart of complex ADHD family issues in a step-by-step, systematic way. Each week, you'll get strategies you can put to use at home immediately, along with plenty you can save for later. You'll learn ways to problem solve with your child. But, most of all, you'll learn key ways to stay calmer and create more connection with your child.

The start date is coming up soon ... Thursday, Oct. 19. Last fall's Calm & Connected session sold out. Don't miss your chance this time!

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