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Need to rework your day? First, breathe

Wow! After initial announcements of a two-hour delay, Montgomery County Schools and other systems around the DC area made very late calls to close. With many workplaces open on time, including the federal government, parents have so many things to figure out. For those of you left (like I am) to rework the day, here's are some thoughts on how to


No doubt about it, unexpected snow days can cause logistical headaches for parents, leaving us scrambling to make new decisions about the day: Do I telecommute or take leave? What appointments do I need to reschedule? What the heck am I going to do with them all day?

And it’s only more complicated when you have a child with ADHD who may be bouncing off the walls.

So first, take a deep breath. Get centered. It’s easier to make decisions when you’re not feeling frazzled. Then, make a list of your musts for the day. What work you need to get done. What calls you need to make. What emails you need to send. Make a rough plan for when you can get those done. Then figure out how your kid(s) could fit in. (Flexibility is key here.)

Now, can you shift your mindset to see this as bonus time to connect with your child? Can you find time to play a board game? Read a book to each other? Hold hands and take some deep breaths along with them? Send them outside, if you can. Maybe even brave the frigid weather together. Breathing in that bracing fresh air can help clear your head.

And -- for the love of sanity! -- don’t be afraid to pull out the electronic babysitter when you need some time to get stuff done or just want to relax with a hot cup of tea. It’s your snow day, too!

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