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What clients are saying ...

I've been so honored to work with many wonderful people ... each ultimately responsible for her or his own success. 
It's incredibly exciting every time my clients meet their goals, and it's rewarding for me to know I've played a part.

“I worked with Michelle to help my daughter who had ADHD, serious depression and anxiety, and was struggling to stay in high school. Over the course of a year, Michelle helped me in a myriad of ways to understand ADHD, gave me very hands-on ideas that I could easily implement, and talked through the many challenges my daughter and I, each in our different ways, were facing.


Michelle is sensitive, thoughtful, imaginative, and is a great listener. She is exceedingly knowledgable about ADHD. I learned a huge amount from her, not only about different ways of approaching and working with my daughter, but about ADHD itself. I came away after our sessions always feeling supported, better educated, and uplifted by her deep engagement with the difficult work we did together. You will not find a more informed, generous and professional ADHD coach. It was an honor to work with her.”


We heard universal praise from our daughter's teachers for her progress in managing her assignments and keeping on track this year, and we want to thank you for playing a large role in helping that happen.



Thank you so much for all your incredibly patient and caring work with my son this semester. There are definite positive changes in his orientation toward himself and his work. Despite struggling mightily with time management, he managed to meet deadlines in a way he never ever has before, which really marks a huge change. He had struggled through high school and the first couple of years of college without making notable headway in his executive functioning challenges, something that severely undercut his academic progress. After working a semester with you we have seen him make real inroads coping with his executive functioning challenges for the first time.


-Rebekah Eden

I have had an incredible experience working with Michelle. When I came to her for help with medical school applications, I was struggling. The stress and time management of the process had overwhelmed me. Michelle taught me the organizational and motivational skills and helped me find the self-confidence to face my challenges head on.


Michelle is patient, kind and encouraging. She wants me to figure out my own path, and to walk that path with confidence. Her sessions are client-focused; she is a wonderful listener and is flexible in her approach. She understands that each client is different and uses her wealth of experience to address each client’s needs.


I cannot speak highly enough about Michelle and her coaching program. With her guidance, I have continued to mature personally, professionally and socially. I would not be who I am today without Michelle’s patient and caring coaching.


-Adam Specker

My son was 14 years old when he was diagnosed with ADHD. We tried medicine, and it did not seem to help. We then found Michelle. 


She worked one-on-one with my son for almost 6 months. Together, they identified challenges and goals that were important to my son.


Michelle then spent time with my son to work towards achieving each goal. She was able to talk him through many of his processes (or lack thereof) and supply him with “tricks,” tools and techniques to help him get past his obstacles.


With Michelle’s help, my son has taken ownership of his diagnosis and has made remarkable improvements in both the personal and schoolwork arenas.



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